Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Photo Booth Strip tutorial

okay photo friends this is how you make a photo booth strip in lightroom 

select 4 images that you want in the strip
then click on the "print" mod
right under the print tab select contact sheet/ grid from the layout menu
on the left hand side of your screen under the templates select 4 Wide
back on the right hand side select zoom to fill * you can move the images around (with in its block) by click and drag.
now play around with your cell height and width until you get it the way you like
i used 2.36 for H
and 2.17 for W 
NOW "print to file" to do this you need to scroll all the way down on the rt side, under print job select jpeg under the drop down menu. when you do this the bottom rt button changes from print to print to now just print to file AKA "save as"
last but not least re-import the file and crop it down to size.
There! now you have yourself a cute little photo booth strip....the easy way!


  1. Awesome. :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. is there a way to make it 4up duplicated side by side so it fills a 4x6.
    So exactly like your instructions but duplicated for a 2x4 cut like a photobooth strip? Tw of the same 4up side by side?

  3. ahh forgot to click notify of repy :p

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