Thursday, June 30, 2011

Progress with my road treasure

I love orange, it makes me happy :)
3 cans of white and 1/2 can of orange, I'm gonna need more white. I'm really starting to like this, not sure if i want to sell it now....but I have to, I'm trying to make money for Disney World! Yaaaay!!!
This is my master bedroom in progress, and yes that is a mini TV. My husband can't live with out one in the room. When I get my furniture painted and put in here its going bye bye! Anyways i love my bed over here, we have so much more room on the other side. Ahahah (the other side) that's another disaster i'm gonna have to fix. We have 2 chest of drawers and no dresser. it looks really odd. wish i had a wall locker with drawers in it. I also wish my hubby would throw away about 50 T-shirts.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Master needs attention

Found this pic @ it is my inspiration to my master bedroom make over. I have a friend that has just purchased new furniture for her new apartmnet and wants to get rid of her 1960/70ish style coffee and end tables. so ima take'em! Paint'em! and Use'em! here is a pic of what my room looks like now...on a good day that is.

Garage...a working progress its not what i really wanted but at least its clean and its MINE. i would still like to bring in my huge oval bright turquoise table to put right in the middle. originally i wanted all the tools out...but then i realized i would need a lot of them so i decided to keep'em. I just hope i can keep this space clean and it doesn't become a catch all again.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

off the side of the road

someone left this for the trash in my mema's neighborhood. I love it when i find treasures especially when they're free!!! painting it white on the outside and some bright color on the inside with some kind of funky contact paper to line the shelves and drawers. a friend told me about this place called habitat for humanity that has a lot of used hardware, I'll probably go there to get some cool handles.

Before garage transformation

OK, here it is y'all.....I know i have alot of work to do. my awesome wonderful momma is coming to help me on Tuesday. my vision for this space is an open creative space mainly for my photography stuff  and arts and crafts. i have an oval bright turquoise table i think i might put right in the middle for a craft table. over on the left is my hubby's work bench that ill probably make my light staging area....aaaaand an office desk will go somewhere. My mom is very handy and creative so together i know we can knock this out.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What the water brings...

2 weeks ago our hot water heater had a leak. water leaked along our slab foundation ant ruined the best floor we had in our house. it was a floating laminate floor i helped install when i was 5 months pregos! needless to say i was proud of that floor. thank god for insurance, thank the devil for the deductible. I would also like to thank the devil for not letting the water reach my nasty carpet or my gouged scuffed linoleum in the kitchen.

AAAAnny who! since the repairs it has kick started my urge to turn my house into what ive always wanted it to be. but what sucks... IS.. my hubby thinks im crazy. I guess ima just make changes slowly. starting with my garage. i want to make it an office/art room.  ima warn y'all now ill half way do something then start something else so this could get crazy.

and one more thing...i cant spell and i don't have time for grammar

ill add pics tom since its 11pm and i have 2 kids that get up at 630am