Thursday, June 23, 2011

What the water brings...

2 weeks ago our hot water heater had a leak. water leaked along our slab foundation ant ruined the best floor we had in our house. it was a floating laminate floor i helped install when i was 5 months pregos! needless to say i was proud of that floor. thank god for insurance, thank the devil for the deductible. I would also like to thank the devil for not letting the water reach my nasty carpet or my gouged scuffed linoleum in the kitchen.

AAAAnny who! since the repairs it has kick started my urge to turn my house into what ive always wanted it to be. but what sucks... IS.. my hubby thinks im crazy. I guess ima just make changes slowly. starting with my garage. i want to make it an office/art room.  ima warn y'all now ill half way do something then start something else so this could get crazy.

and one more thing...i cant spell and i don't have time for grammar

ill add pics tom since its 11pm and i have 2 kids that get up at 630am

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